Revamps & Upgrades

revamps.jpgMany refineries now look to revamp or upgrade their operations for a number of different reasons. These reasons include:

  • To process heavier crudes/higher throughput
  • Metallurgical upgrades
  • Pump upgrades for higher viscosity/rate
  • Desalter upgrades
  • Conversion of cokers and hydrocrackers

While AltairStrickland can indeed assist clients in a number of different expert tasks, we are highly specialized in FCCU and coker revamps.

In fact, AltairStrickland is the country’s market-leading provider of FCCU and coker unit turnarounds and revamps among industrial engineering companies.

FCCU Revamps

We offer consulting during FEED and constructability review and planning. We manage the entire work scope and help clients combine the capital and maintenance portions of the turnaround.

Coker Revamps

We are the leading installer of automated deheading systems and an experienced contractor for drum replacements.

Standouts in safety

We’re also pioneering the way forward in our industry with our innovative industrial safety solutions and initiatives, and we’re proud to say that we’ve been recognized for our safety efforts on numerous occasions. This is based in part on the Tenants of Safety, which are ingrained in every person we employ. At AltairStrickland, everyone owns his or her own part of our safety culture.