Tenets of Safety

  • Safety is a VALUE – It is uncompromising. It is what you do when no one is watching.
  • ALL incidents ARE preventable – At the root of each incident is a cause. If you remove the cause, then the incident is prevented.
  • Goals and expectations are the same – Our goal is ZERO. Our expectation is ZERO. We will NOT set goals or have expectations that reflect someone getting hurt.
  • ZERO injury to people, property, and planet (ZIP3) – No injury to people, the planet, or property is acceptable.
  • ZERO is the ONLY acceptable score – Anything other than ZERO is unacceptable.
  • Everyone owns SAFETY – If you see it, then you are empowered to stop unsafe activities.
  • No at-risk behavior – Eliminate at-risk behavior, and you will eliminate incidents.